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Repairing an asphalt shingled roof. We can repair asphalt, wood, rubber, metal, slate and more. Call for a free roof repair estimate!

Every one knows the roof of their house is important, but it's easy to forget just how important until something goes wrong. Don't wait until there's a roof leak, torn shingles, or other damage to think about the condition of your roof.

Roof concerns go beyond the roofing material

When other roofing contractors evaluate the condition of your roof, the primary concern will be the roofing shingles or other finished roofing material. But there are other roof details that also deserve attention.

Contact us today for more information about our roof services, including roof repair and maintenance or full roof replacement. We are your resource for excellent service and quality. We service throughout Fairfield and New Haven Counties from Monroe, Redding, Easton, Danbury, and surrounding cities and towns. We are sure to the do the job right the first time -- not all roofing companies have a reputation like that!

As your expert Connecticut roofer, we also inspect the following elements:

  • Gutters and downspouts. Basements can flood and exterior details can be damaged if gutters and downspouts don’t move water off the roof and away from the foundation. Prevent this problem by making sure your gutters are free of clogs, your downspouts are connected securely, and any long gutter runs are pitched properly to minimize overflows.
  • Roof flashing. The roofing contractor should check the flashing around chimneys, vent stacks and skylights, as well as step and valley flashing.
  • Skylights. During a roof inspection, it’s also smart to inspect the glazing seals between the skylight glass and the aluminum glazing bars. Leaks in these areas can often be repaired with special sealant.

Roof replacement gives your home a new look

The functional condition of your roof is obviously your first priority. But many homeowners elect to have new roofing installed before the old roofing wears out, simply because a new roof can really upgrade a home's appearance. There are some exciting new roofing materials available –like composite shingles that look like old-fashioned roofing slates, but are made from recycled rubber. And asphalt-fiberglass shingles have never looked better –especially the architectural grades that show off extra depth and texture.

Before and After
  • Roof Replacement in Darien, CT
    Roof Replacement in Darien, CT

    We installed red cedar wood shingles on this home in Darien, CT.

  • Roof Repair in Danbury, CT
    Roof Repair in Danbury, CT

    A small section of rotted wood needed to be changed on this roof in Danbury, CT.  Do you notice how the wood pieces fit perfectly together?  We make sure that all damaged items are completely removed and anything replaced is beyond satisfactory!

  • Roof Replacement in Fairfield, CT
    Roof Replacement in Fairfield, CT

    At SmartCare we love to install new roofs! Take a look at this roof we installed for a new construction home in Fairfield. We're looking forward to seeing the home when it's complete!

  • Vinyl Siding Installation in Fairfield, CT
    Vinyl Siding Installation in Fairfield, CT

    This is an installation of new vinyl D-7 cedar siding at a home in Fairfield, Ct. 

  • Roof Leak Repair in Fairfield, CT
    Roof Leak Repair in Fairfield, CT

    Have you had water leaking through your ceiling, but can't find out where it's coming from? Call your local roofing expert! Smart Care Exteriors was able to assess that the leak was coming from failed boot pipes and flashing.

Schedule your roof replacement and repair estimate today! We service Danbury, Bethel, Newtown, Redding, and more! We are one of CT's finest roofers maintaining the reputable GAF certification and only the best services and products.

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