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Gutters & Downspouts - How We Protect New Haven and Fairfield County Gutters Clear of Leaf Damage

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Alcoa Leaf Relief Gutter Protection in New Haven and Fairfield Counties, CT In heavy wooded areas, we suggest our Alcoa Leaf Relief Gutter Protection System. When the need for gutter cleanings becomes more than twice a year, the amount of money you are spending to maintain your gutters becomes unfathomable. Alcoa Leaf Relief gutter protection assures homeowners that their gutter system is not clogged, and the advantage of a one time expense instead of a cleaning every few months.

If your gutters are not maintained, leaves fill up the area and water pools. The disadvantages of stagnant water are numerous. Damaged fascia, mold, mold spores, rotting wood, and water stains are just among the few. In the summer time, clogged leaves become very dry, brittle, and actually become a fire hazard. In the winter, the weight of clogged leaves and snow/ice can cause gutters to pull away from the home or worst case scenario be completely physically removed from the home. The amount of damage that a delicate leaf can do is far more extensive than one would imagine.

There are many different brands of gutter protection, but Smart Care Exteriors has found in our decade of business that this manufacterer, product, and reputation is the most reliable. Another marketable aspect of Alcoa Leaf Relief is that it is virtually portable. If the home owner decides to replace their existing gutters - we can simply remove the leaf guard system and reinstall it to their new gutters.

If there is an existing gutter system on the home, we can install Alcoa Leaf Relief to that system. First you need a secure and operation gutter system. This means all gutter components needs to be properly sealed, secured, appropriately pitched. Once this inspection has been completed, we are ready to install your Leaf Relief. Alcoa comes in 10 feet sections. Per each section we securely fasten the leaf guard system into the gutter. If we are installing new gutters onto your home, the process is basically the same. We install the new gutters to your home first - make the appropriate adjustments, and then install the Leaf Relief system. It really is as simple as that!

Contact us today for a free estimate throughout Fairfield and new Haven Counties including: Westport, Cheshire, Darien, Stamford, Fairfield, Orange, Madison, and all surrounding cities!

We just had new Alcoa Leaf Relief gutter covers installed on our ranch-style home by Smart Care Exteriors.  We have used Smart Care in the past to install a new roof, gutters and mesh gutter covers. They do excellent work.  Although the mesh covers served us well for 7 years, they were starting to tear and sag  under the pressure of squirrels, birds and general winter weather conditions.   We consulted with Smart Care Exteriors and they suggested we replace our mesh screens with the Alcoa Leaf Relief system.   Good choice.   The installation was done in about an hour.  The gutter covers are well constructed and allow water to go into the gutters without overflow.  They literally snap firmly in place and then are secured further with screws to keep out all animals and tree debris. No screw holes or damage to the roof itself.  I think we have the answer to our gutter problems.  We would recommend Leaf Relief to anyone looking to keep their gutters clean and worry free.   Happy customers -   Nick & Julie  N. from Stamford CT.

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